NOBODY Wants To Work In Politics — High School Students Will Be Our Future

“I hate Biden and I hate Trump.” I’m sure we’ve heard this position from tons of people not liking either party’s representative.

For generations, having a top government job was coveted. It has now completely reversed where it would seem absolutely insane to get into politics. Why make less money, have inevitably bad publicity and an extremely stressful life? The allure of a profound government job has been diminished by jobs like being in tech and media. I know just personally being in high school, the idea of being a political leader was so far fetched that it never really entered my brain. I think this is a problem for 99.9% of students and it will be for the foreseeable future. It almost seems like we all have known this to be an issue but we haven’t actually acted on it.. so what can we do?

- Currently 3,400 high schools in Canada
- Currently 18,000 high schools in the United States

The cohesiveness of social issues and social media has been ground breaking in recent times. These issues are important, controversial but also.. interesting! Social platforms have made it possible for the youth to easily speak up about their thoughts and opinions. I think the big opportunity here is that there’s potential interest where as before politics just seemed like a foreign unreachable topic. We need our leaders to put serious thought into how we can encourage students in all North American high schools to be potential political leaders. If all 3,400 high schools in Canada had a political program to reach these students, the future competition brought will only help the country and MAYBE politics would be looked at in a different way.

Let me know your thoughts!

Alex Passero

Product Manager in Tech. I'm early in my career, growing, learning and have no idea where the next product will take me. I