What Is Morning Brew And How It Will Make You Smarter

As discussed in my previous blog “Understanding Tech As a PM… My New Hobby?”, my mission is to understand tech as a non technical product manager in the software space. I have been given the advice for quite some time to stay informed of what is going on in the tech world. It’s really that situation of “I feel like I’m organically learning about tech news but am I really learning what’s out there?” I stumbled across Morning Brew through a sponsored ad on a tech YouTube video rabbit hole night. With nothing to lose and free of cost, I signed up within minutes. The home page was so simple, thought out and straight to the point (kudos to their design team).

Over the last week I have been receiving a Morning Brew email almost every morning (they post 6 times a week). I’ve now designated 5–10 minutes before I start work where I thoroughly read through the various topics. The email is designed in a brilliant way to give you news without feeling like it’s a burden. Today I was given insight on the big United States election day and the impact it has on the stock market (more importantly my stocks.. ugh tough days on the markets). Now after going through the email, it seemed like this newsletter covered issues expanding over multiple areas.. that’s what lead me to a tech specific newsletter — Emerging Tech Brew”

Okay, now I’m getting to the “How This Will Make You Smarter” part. Emerging Tech Brew is one of the company’s other main newsletters besides Morning Brew. It again shares an email formatted newsletter that blissfully informs me about tech specific news while I sip my morning tea BUT in this case it’s making me think. While reading an article, it made me stop for a few moments to explore in my head what the story meant. Do I know what this concept is? Do I understand what these words really mean? And this is what creates curiosity to learn. I was then nose deep into an article about algorithmic auditing, something I didn’t know about at all AND now I’m informed’.

I will give an update in the future on my Emerging Tech Brew affects.

I’ve now informed you about being informed :).

Fun Fact of the Day: Spam mail was named after Spam meat.

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